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Dr. Tracy Xu

Before arriving in the UK for her PhD, she trained in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Shanghai People’s 9th Hospital, the most prestigious and largest plastic surgery department in Asia. She cherished every day of her training, engaging daily in aesthetic injectables and cosmetic surgeries such as rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction. When life’s journey brought her to a new country, she remained as close to her career as possible, becoming a junior doctor for the NHS in Plastic and Burns Surgery.

Plastic Surgery is also tasked with providing emergency services, including treating burns, bites, and hand injuries. However, Dr. Tracy felt she was moving away from her original aspirations.

At the same time, the aesthetic industry was growing in the UK. Unregulated clinics, especially those run by non-medics, began targeting minority groups, exploiting their lack of language skills and resources to find reliable, medic-led aesthetic clinics. Disturbed by the severe side effects and substandard practices she witnessed, Dr. Tracy Xu decided she could no longer stay within the limits of the NHS. She was determined to use her knowledge and skills to assist those in dire need of experienced aesthetic doctors.

She set out to work as an aesthetic and cosmetic surgeon adhering to the highest UK practice standards, underpinned by years of departmental, clinical, and academic systematic training in aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Tracy transitioned to a full-time aesthetic doctor to serve a broader patient base. The service range expanded from simple injectables to energy-based devices and cosmetic surgeries such as mole removal and blepharoplasty.

With a profound passion for her work and a deep love for her patients who seek natural, healthy, and balanced results, Dr. Tracy is delighted to accompany you on your aesthetic journey at any moment in your life. Let’s age gracefully and happily together.

Dr. Tracy's Treatment Options

Does Dr Tracy Speak My Language?

English, Chinese (Cantonese) and Chinese (Mandarin)

Cosmetic Options with Dr. Ducu

Radiesse Dermal Fillers
Eye Filler (Tear Trough)
Botox Injections
Vampire Facial
Brazilian Butt Lift
Dr Ducu’s Skin Rejuvenation
Hyaluronic Acid Profhilo
IV Drip Therapy
Russian Lips
Foxy Eyes Thread Lift
Aqualyx ~ Kybella

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