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Understanding female hair loss

Believe it or not, you will shed 50-100 hairs every day. It may sound like a lot but the average head holds about one hundred thousand hairs.

The causes of female hair loss are wide and varying and include stress, illness, pregnancy, hormonal changes, weight loss and even hairstyling.

The Personal Touch – when you contact us about your hair loss we aim to get to the root of the problem, answer your questions, give advice, information and possible solutions. With a wealth of hair loss knowledge, we are invested in sharing our knowledge to help you.

The most common hair loss cause is Genetic Female Pattern Hair Loss. If your hair thinning is more pronounced down the centre of the scalp this is most likely the cause.

So, now we come to the nitty-gritty. For men with Genetic Pattern Hair Loss a hair transplant can fix those balding heads. Quelle Surprise, unlike men, the option of a hair transplant just isn’t viable for many ladies suffering from this genetic condition.

And Why? Every man has a permanent zone of hair that they never lose (think Bill Bailey, bald front but luscious long locks at the back). Women just do not have the permanent zone as a resource to harvest lasting hair.

The Honest Truth, we give it to you straight (and sympathetically). Genetic Hair Loss means you are a “heartbreak patient” and our approach is to lay the truth out to you and discuss your options.

Hair loss: What is female-pattern baldness? BBC News

Female Hair Transplants Surgery Group

Get proactive about your hair loss

Female Hairline Lowering

Your hairline is the natural framing for your face and a prominent forehead can affect self-esteem.

Our culture of social media sharing, selfies and video calls makes us all just that little more mindful of our appearance, for better or worse. Damn you Zoom!

Hairline lowering, a relatively new hair restoration procedure for females with a high forehead does seem to have gained public interest and acceptance due to celebrities sharing their journey publicly (think Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis). 

Georgia's Picture Diary


Georgia, a 24-year-old beauty therapist from Cheshire, underwent FUT hairline lowering surgery with Surgery Group in February 2021.

These pictures show her visit to our clinic, where she received 2500 grafts or 5200 hairs from the surgeon and his team of technicians. Her original surgery date in January was rescheduled due to an acne breakout. We agreed that delaying the treatment would be better for the patient.

Female Hair Transplants Surgery Group
I booked my hair transplant through surgery group after doing some research and cannot fault anything. From the first day I spoke to Matthew to the day of my surgery, I was made aware of everything I needed/wanted to know, nothing was too much hassle, they even book you into a hotel the night before surgery (if you’re starting early). The surgeon was excellent, as were his team, and even got bought pizza halfway through the procedure, which was lovely. The aftercare I have received has been great, Jake has been brilliant and has answered any questions I’ve had after my surgery as well as making sure I was feeling okay. I have had so many people ask me about my surgery and I would always recommend Surgery Group UK without a doubt!
Female Hair Transplants Surgery Group
Georgia English

Eyebrow Restoration

Not everyone is blessed with naturally full eyebrows so you may just want a transplant in order to enhance what you already have. This can particularly be the case for individuals with lighter eyebrow hair. However, there is a number of other reasons which could lead to full or partial eyebrow loss causing either overall scarcity or patchiness. Some of the most common reasons a facial hair transplant is desired (excluding age and hereditary eyebrow pattern) include: 

Deciding whether to have an eyebrow hair transplant is a very personal decision. Opting to undergo eyebrow restoration doesn’t mean you will end up with big bushy eyebrows; the end result is what you choose.

What it will mean is that your eyebrows will be beautifully shaped with no bare patches, luxurious, glossy and youthful looking. 

Female Hair Transplants Surgery Group

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Female Hair Transplants Surgery Group

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