Gynecomastia – An anonymous story

Gynecomastia is a deformity that has plagued my life since I’ve been 13 years old.

13 is such a tender age, an age where you take life as it comes and not think an awful lot about your actions. However I was always so self-conscious about my chest and this turned me into a very insecure person, leading me to think very carefully about everything I ever did i.e. wear lays of clothes anywhere I went.

I wasn’t entirely sure what was wrong with my body when I was younger from a medical perspective, I guess I always just assumed that this was a phase and that my body is still developing.
But unfortunately, I watched the years go by, all my friends grew up and became more confidant and I was too scared and embarrassed to talk to anyone about what was wrong with me, I was even terrified to go and talk to a doctor about it. As the years went on, the more depressed I became.

Summers went by and I avoided going out as I knew I couldn’t leave the house because I could never wear a t shirt looking the way I did.
At 17 I decided that I wasn’t going to let my ‘moobs’ dictate my happiness and control my life, so I started to go to a local gym.
I would always go at night, this way I could wear a t shirt while I train and not that many people would notice me because It wouldn’t be busy. I trained incredibly hard for a year and by the time I was 18 and I had lost a lot weight and gained some muscle mass, I even developed abs.
However, this only defined my nipples even more, making my chest look very uneven to the rest of my body. I had lost hope, after having tried my best to naturally relieve myself of gynecomastia I stopped training because knew the only way in which I can remove my puffy nipples was surgically.

I decided to save all year and use my student loan to finally undergo surgery at the age of 19. After much thorough research I came across the Surgery Group LTD.
I spoke to a man called Matthew over the phone who works there and who understood exactly how I felt. Matthew was extremely kind, he knew how psychologically damaging gynecomastia is on men.

This comforted me throughout of the whole process of talking to him and finding out more information about what I can expect before I even booked a consultation with Dr Hassan Nurein. Dr Nurein is a well renowned Surgeon with years of experience in Gynecomastia surgery.

During the consultation he gave me a thorough assessment and provided me with information of what I can expect and what he can achieve.
I trusted Hassan’s judgment as he was very knowledgeable and professional at the consultation, this made me even more relaxed as I knew I was in the right hands.

After my consultation I spoke to Matthew face to face and discussed recovery, aftercare as well as the financial side of things. Matthew was very considerate, he understood my current situation of being a student and offered me an extremely generously price of surgery, cheaper than any other cosmetic surgery offering Gynecomastia surgery in the UK I had come across when I was researching.

It’s this kind of care and compassion that made me become more relaxed about having the surgery and to become more outspoken, to realise that it is important to communicate to others about it.

Men should not suppress or hide how they are feeling about gynecomastia, don’t wait or leave it too late. Book a consultation and just talk about it to a professional Surgeon about it, preferably one who is a leading expert in body sculpting and gynecomastia surgery such as Dr Hassan Nurein.

My Surgery is in a few weeks time and I truly cannot wait to change my life and become the confidant person I remember I once was!

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