Gynecomastia is a surprisingly common condition and affects almost 70% of men at some point in their lives. For sufferers, surgery is the only permanent treatment. However, a company based in Scotland are using their experiences to provide an alternative for those with mild to moderate gynecomastia by offering high-quality compression garments.

Liam from Gynecomastia Solutions explained to Surgery Group the driving force behind launching the company.

“Through my own struggles with gynecomastia, I discovered that finding a comfortable vest or undershirt which offered enough compression to smooth my chest but not too much to restrict my breathing was a difficult task. Furthermore, finding a vest which didn’t leave you sweaty and clammy at the end of the day was near impossible. Companies based in the USA had options for this but also came with an extortionate postage cost.“

The effects a well-fitting, high-quality compression vest can have on the confidence of an individual who has confidence issues caused by their gynecomastia cannot be overstated. It gives the wearer the ability to wear the types of t-shirts and shirts they would have usually avoided, to play sports and to live their life without glancing at their chest every minute. Gynecomastia sufferers often have the unfortunate habit of hunching their back to avoid sticking out their chest even further, compression garments give them the confidence to straighten their back and correct their posture.

With this in mind, Liam brought together a small range of vests and undershirts which meet the three main requirements for gynecomastia sufferers.

Gynecomastia Solutions Surgery Group
Short Sleeve Chest Compression Shirt
Gynecomastia Solutions Surgery Group
Chest Compression Vest

Too many gynecomastia vests/shirts are visible underneath a standard t-shirt. The vests / shirts are designed with a deep back and front neckline and thin straps to ensure the garment remains hidden, and if seen, looks like a normal underlayer. The undershirt specifically has short enough sleeves to remain.

Light Material

Made from 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex, the vests ensure sweat wicks away from the skin whilst providing an ample level of compression.


As mentioned previously, a vest or undershirt must provide enough compression to flatten the chest without being uncomfortable. The level of compression provided from one of the garments is suitable for grade 1 to grade 3 gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia Solutions product range includes chest compression vests and short sleeved undershirts available in white & black. They also offer fast, free postage to anywhere within the United Kingdom as well as international shipping.

You can order online at www.gynecomastiasolutions.co.uk or for more information email sales@gynecomastiasolutions.co.uk

Gynecomastia Solutions
Providing simple, non-surgical solutions to the
problem of gynecomastia or ‘man-boobs’.

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