It’s only hair, right? What’s the big deal? Many men suffer from hair loss (male pattern baldness) and often it’s too late before the damage is done. In most cases the cause is genetic, but why does it bother so many people, and does it really contribute to mental health issues?


‘Where’s your hair gone?’, ‘you’re going a bit thin on top mate’, ‘that hairlines shocking’, ‘it’s Bobby Charlton’, ‘let go pal, it’s time’, ‘you’d look so much better bald’, ‘you’re combing it from your bum cheeks’, ‘SHAVE IT OFF!’. The list of comments can go on and on! Yes, the majority are only jokes and most men might be able to laugh it off, but when the comments are constant, and daily, it can become too much. The aftermath? Confidence disappears, self-esteem drops and mental well-being is affected. You shouldn’t care, should you?


Hair Loss, Self Esteem and Mental Health Surgery Group
Hair Loss, Self Esteem and Mental Health Surgery Group

The Windy Day

The haircut to cover up your baldness might be working well for you on the whole. When inside any building nobody suspects a thing and your Facebook pictures are all perfect, however all of a sudden that dreaded day comes – the BBQ at your friends on a blustery day. You style your hair as you usually would, spending extra time expertly sweeping the hair you have left over your bald areas, and then applying extra hair spray to keep it in position. You try to stand in sheltered areas, ensure that no pictures are taken of you and try to position yourself facing in a direction in which the wind will help your comb over, but in the end it’s no use. The wind picks up and its game over! Your hairline is exposed, and with it, your self-confidence. You’ve spent all your time worrying about your hair instead of enjoying your afternoon. Should a fun event with your friends really become your worst nightmare?


It’s the 15th time today you’ve looked in the mirror and it’s not because you fancy yourself! You’re checking to see if any more of your precious hairs have fallen out. Your google search history is full of anti-hair loss questions and your dressing table has multiple thickening products and fibres – none of which seem to do anything to help. Every time you walk into a room you get the feeling that everyone is judging the state of your head, especially the ones whose eyes wander up top instead of making eye contact with you. What you have developed is nothing but an obsession with your hairline, and this has now become a part of your life rather than a part of your body. Imagine having time to think about something else?


Hair Loss, Self Esteem and Mental Health Surgery Group

Everyone Else

We currently live in a world where body image seems to be in the spotlight more than ever before, and with so many Instagram models and celebrities rocking the perfect, stylish, full head of hair, it’s easy to get yourself down. Some people are just born lucky, and it’s especially hard to accept your baldness when you have friends your age, or older, with no hair loss problems at all. You may also constantly feel that people with a great hairline are a more attractive and more likely to secure / keep a partner, which inevitably can affect your mental health. Should you really be thinking in this way?

The Answer

Hair loss does not bother everyone and rightly so. Most men really do suit a bald head! However, there is definitely a connection between hair loss and mental well-being for many men, especially those of a young age. However, we are lucky to live at a time where hair-loss is a choice and many people do not know that affordable surgical and non-surgical treatments are out there to turn things around. Stop trusting Facebook ads and answers from google supported by no real research. Keep it simple, and seek advice from honest professionals that only have your best interests at heart.

To learn more, click here and take a look at the various treatments available, all backed up by research and with real life results. Your mental health is the most important thing in life, don’t let your hair loss affect it any longer.

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