Mobile Hair Transplants with Surgery Group

The Easier Way to Have Your Hair Transplant

Have you considered having a hair transplant only to be put off by the fact that the clinic isn’t right on your door step? Well, now Surgery Group has the answer.

For one day only, April 1st, we are offering to bring the clinic to you with our state of the art mobile hair transplant clinic.

Simply wake in the morning. Walk out your front door and we will be there, ready and waiting to give you the best hair transplant at a wallet-friendly price.

With both FUT and FUE procedures available our surgeon Dr. Ahmad Moussa and his team of technicians are primed and ready having spent the night in the local Travelodge.

Refreshments are provided throughout the day, choose from our range of ice creams, choc ices and ice lollies.

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Mobile Hair Transplants with Surgery Group Surgery Group

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