Femagen Minoxidil and Spironolactone Female Hair Loss Treatment 2 x 50 ml

Femegen is produced and designed by a licensed compounding pharmacy. Raw materials are pharmaceutical grade. Concentrations of active ingredients are standardized at 5% minoxidil, 0.01% tretinoin and 2% spironolactone, equivalent to 50 mg minoxidil per 1 ml of solution, 0.1 mg tretinoin per 1 ml of solution and 20 mg spironolactone per 1 ml of solution.

Monthly Cost: 3 Months – £80 – 12 Months – £320 = £26.66 per month

One 50ml bottle is sufficient for almost 2 months of supply with once daily usage (1 ml per application).

This product combines three active ingredients with different mechanisms of action to deliver unparalleled efficacy. Minoxidil is FDA approved, widely known growth agonist. Tretinoin enables minoxidil, and makes it more effective via upregulation of SULT2 enzyme (enzyme responsible for converting minoxidil to its active form).

It is widely accepted that androgens, specifically DHT, cause female pattern baldness in unlucky few of those with a genetic predisposition. Spironolactone blocks androgen receptors (ARs) locally, therefore stopping this process.

The carrier agent used to deliver these active ingredients to the scalp is not the standard 70% ethanol, 30% propylene glycol used in similar products. Because most females have significantly longer hair than most of our male customers we are mindful of the potential inconvenience that the aforementioned inactive ingredients might cause females. Therefore we opted for a highly spreadable hydrophilic solution containing mineral salts of vegetable origin (TrichoSol™). It is free from harsh chemicals like ethanol and propylene glycol.

What’s Included

  • 2 x 50ml Femagen (approx 3 months supply )

The brown coloured pharmaceutical glass absorbs harmful UV wavelengths, protecting the product from light damage. The dropper is standardized at 1 ml.

Active Ingredients:

Femagen proprietary blend:

  • 5% minoxidil (50 mg of minoxidil in every 1 ml)
  • 0.01% tretinoin (0.1 mg of tretinoin in every 1 ml)
  • 2% spironolactone (20 mg of spironolactone in every 1 ml)

Inactive Ingredients:

TrichoSol Benefits:

  • Alcohol Free
  • Propylene Glycol Free
  • Non Irriating
  • Does Not Cause Hair Dryness

How To Apply 

Use the dropper to apply 1 ml of the solution to your clean and dry scalp. Spread and rub on areas affected by female pattern hair loss.

Always do a patch test to ensure no reaction occurs.

The product has a shelf life of 2 years when stored at room temperature. No need to store it in a refrigerator.


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