Hair Transplant Aftercare Kit

The perfect selection of products to stimulate those new grafts after your hair transplant.

These products purchased on their own would cost over £660 but we are bringing this unique collection of hair treatments for just £450.

Kit Contains

Pharma Hermetic Professional Hair Recovery Kit x 1 (£389.99)

Pharma Hermetic HRP Hermetic Lotion Spray x 1 (149.99)

Pharma Hermetic HRP Anti Hair Loss Shampoo x 2 (£87.98)

Dandrazol (Ketoconazole) Anti-Dandruff Shampoo x 1 (£12.99)

Hair and Scalp Derma Roller 1.0 mm x 1 (£9.99

Hair and Scalp Derma Roller 0.5mm x 1 (£9.99)

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo x 1 (£1.50)

Optima Australian Tea Tree Antiseptic Spray x 1 (6.99)

Total = £669.42 £450



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