YGH Hair Building Fibers for Thicker Hair 6 Colour Options 28g Hair Fibres

Hair Fibers Work for Everyone

YGH (You Got Hair!) is the instant solution to thinning or balding hair for men and women.

Available in 6 shades – Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Blonde and Grey

YGH is not a spray, cream or cover-up. It’s actually made of the same proteins (keratin) as your own hair.

YGH bonds with your own hair making it look much thicker and fuller in less than 30 seconds.

Simply shake YGH over your thinning areas and watch how the tiny fibers transform thin hairs to look much thicker and fuller.

YGH is also undetectable and doesn’t run, smear or stain.

It withstands wind, rain and even perspiration due to the stronghold of the fibers to your own hair.

The fibers will stay in place until you next shampoo your hair.

YGH gives you the thickness and fullness you’ve always dreamed of!


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