Hair Transplant Limitations

Hair transplants are becoming more and more popular around the world. Many celebrities and influencers are opting to update their hairline and the procedure is becoming much more affordable and accessible for everyone. However, what makes you a good candidate for a hair transplant, and what are the limitations when thinking about surgery? Limitations of […]

Can women have hair transplants?

Often when the topic of hair transplants is discussed people talk about men having the procedure, however more and more women are now opting to have the medical treatment that is changing lives. With celebrities such as Keira Knightley, Kristin Davis and Tyra Banks amongst others having the surgery and a boom in the desire […]

What is a Beard Transplant?

Why are men having beard transplants? Hair transplants have now almost become the norm. Many celebrities and influencers are opting to upgrade or tweak their hairline, but did you know that you can also transplant hair to your beard/chin/moustache area? In today’s society beards are becoming more and more popular and the Viking look is […]

DHT and Hair Loss

What I wish I’d have known 10 years ago If I could turn back time I have recently had a hair transplant, and I can quite easily say it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. However, my hair has been falling out since my early 20’s (current age 31) and […]

Hair Transplants: Why the stigma?

Made popular by famous celebrities such as Elton John, Wayne Rooney, Jimmy Carr and now Sam Smith, hair and beard transplants are becoming more and more popular throughout the world. However, why do so many patients keep it a secret, and why does there still seem to be a stigma around the topic? If your […]

FUE Hair Transplant Timeline

What to expect Thinking about having a hair transplant? You’ve heard of many famous celebrities having hair transplants and seen the mind blowing before and after pictures of this amazing cosmetic procedure, but how does it really work, and what should you expect if you are thinking about going ahead and making the jump? Research […]

Hair Loss, Self Esteem and Mental Health

It’s only hair, right? What’s the big deal? Many men suffer from hair loss (male pattern baldness) and often it’s too late before the damage is done. In most cases the cause is genetic, but why does it bother so many people, and does it really contribute to mental health issues? Banter ‘Where’s your hair […]