Considering a Beard Transplant?

It’s official – beards have never been more popular. But, for some people it isn’t as easy as simply growing a beard. So what can you do? Well, one option is a beard transplant. Beard transplants are a great solution to any facial hair issues, and this is something that we, here at Surgery Group can help with.

Want to know more? Why not read through the things that you should know when considering a beard transplant.

Considering a Beard Transplant? Surgery Group

It will help you to get that perfect beard

A popular reason that men decide to have a beard transplant is because it allows them to achieve the beard of their dreams. You can think about the style of beard that you really would like, and whilst speaking to a surgeon, start to design your ideal look.

Time off work is essential

The actual beard transplant procedure will take you around 2 to 5 hours to complete, depending on the volume of hair that you want transplanted. This means that you need to take time off work to not only have the procedure but also to recover. Plan ahead to ensure you have the time you need.

You will need to consider the price

Surgery, of any type is expensive. This is just something that you will need to keep in mind. However, just like any type of surgical procedure, the results can far outweigh the costs, which means that a beard transplant should be seen as an investment.

It isn’t just for your beard

Whilst many men will opt for a beard transplant to design and sculpt a straightforward beard. This isn’t all that it can be used to do. A facial hair transplant is just that. It can be used to add hair into any areas that hair would naturally grow. It can be used to transplant hair for your moustache, sideburns and even your eyebrows. All coming together to creating the ideal look.

You can’t shave straight away

The follicles in your face after a beard transplant are going to be fragile. This means that you need to look after them after the transplant has been completed. You won’t be able to shave for at least 10 days after the procedure, however, after that time, and once the hair is growing back, you can shave as normal.

The hair that is used is all your own

You may know that some hair transplants are completed using synthetic hair, or perhaps even hair that has been donated by someone else. However, this is not the case with beard transplants. In fact, the hair that is used in this particular procedure comes from the back of the scalp, and is all your own.

Whilst this sounds great, you do need to remember that you will need to have enough hair to be taken from your head, and that it will take some time to grow back.

The hair that is transplanted will fall out and then grow back

One of the most common questions that come up when people have a beard transplant is why the hair has fallen out. This is common. In fact, hair that is transplanted will fall out after 2 to 3 weeks. This shouldn’t be something that you should worry about, a beard transplant is something that is permanent, and it will start growing back at around the 3 months mark and continue to grow for good.

It is going to boost your self confidence

If you ask a man after a beard transplant what is the best thing about it, they are likely to say that it is the boost in their self confidence. With so many generalisations about real men and how they can grow a full beard, there is something to be said for those who opt for a beard transplant to help them with growing their own facial hair.

It doesn’t hurt as much as you probably think

No-one likes to inflict pain on themselves. Even if it is for a good reason. So, you will be pleased to know that a beard transplant doesn’t hurt that much. As it involves single hairs and follicles it has a relatively easy recovery and you will be given a local anaesthetic first, which will help with the pain.

The hair that is transplanted will be matched to you

When you have a beard transplant the specialist will help to find you hair that is similar to your facial hair. Not only will it be a similar colour, but also will have a similar consistency too. This means that when it is in transplanted in, it will look as natural as possible.

Considering a Beard Transplant? Surgery Group

And Finally – Your beard won’t look like head hair

You may be concerned, that as the hair used in a beard transplant is taken from the head. That it may end up looking just like head hair, but on your chin. However, this isn’t the case. In fact, facial hair transplants will look just like normal beard hair. So, this isn’t something that you need to be concerned about.

Want to make sure that you have a professional beard transplant? Why not get in touch with us here at the Surgery Group? As experts in beard transplant procedures, we can leave you with the results that you hope. Don’t believe us, why not check out our recent appearance in The Sun? Showcasing the results that we can achieve.

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