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From Norwood 7 to a Crown Full of Glory

How effective are hair transplants? How much of your hair can you really restore? We know that these are the main questions that you have, and we want to let Chad’s real life hair transplant story give you not only answers but tangible and proven results to consider. Chad had both his hair transplant procedures performed by one of our lead surgeons, Dr. Harris Haseeb, in Nottingham.

When he walked into Dr. Haseeb’s clinic, Chad was diagnosed with an advanced stage of alopecia – Norwood 7. In spite of that, Chad has shown excellent hair transplant results.

“I come from a hard-working family and my career has always been a priority in my life. In my line of work, my appearance held great importance and when I lost my hair, I got really worried about the effects this will have on my career long-term.” 

Making the Big Decision

Going ahead with the decision to invest in himself with a hair transplant was not an easy choice for Chad. He attributes his confidence to proceed with the surgery to his first conversation with Dr. Haseeb.

“I believe that my incredible results are down to Dr. Haseeb’s expertise. He made sure that everything was covered, from my health to my diet before the transplant. He gave me all the advice needed, including details such as massaging my hair regularly to help hair growth after the procedure.” 

His Hair Transplant Experience

Chad spoke of his experience at the Hair Repair Clinic and spoke positively of his interaction with Matthew, Dr. Haseeb and the rest of the team.

“Matthew has been more of a friend than surgery coordinator from day one. He is a jolly person and treats everyone like family. He made Chad feel as though his money was well spent on the transplant, and carefully looked after me throughout the process. He ensured that I was prepared for the hair transplant every step of the way before the big day, and even drove me to the consultation and surgery in Nottingham.”

After one main hair transplant, that took him from ‘almost bald’ to a full crown, Chad opted to have another small procedure a few years later, to fill in the hair line. 

Chad's Hair Transplant Journey

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Patient Stories Chad Surgery Group

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